• Europe
    • Europe

      Rotalis did not reinvent the bicycle, but indeed bike traveling. On May 5th 1973, twelve ambitious pioneers started the first organized bike trip from Munich to Vienna. We are using this long experience in order to offer you an unforgettable bike vacation.

        • France
        • Pedelec-Tour
        • Corsica


          Rugged heights and gentle coastlines. Friendly people and aexcellent cuisine. Experienceane-bike trip through an extraordinary culture, influenced by France and Italy.

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        • Italy
        • electric bicycle tour
        • Sardinia 2020


          A relaxed cycle tour with electric bikes
          Breathtaking coastal routes and lonely beaches
          Island capital Cagliari und Phoenecian town Nora

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          • nature
          • relax
          • electric bicycle tour
        • Italy
        • classics
        • Apulia 2020

          Cultural Expedition

          Trullo capital Alberobello
          Staufer castle and Norman cathedrales
          Rock town of Matera

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          • 20.09.2020
          • 27.09.2020
        • Italy
        • small & splendid
        • Emilia Romagna

          Between the Po and the Apennin. Fertile plains, enchanting hilly country. Bologna, Modena, Reggio and Parma. Tagliatelle, Balsamico, Parmigiano and Prosciutto. Giuseppe Verdi, Stradivari and Don Camillo. A cycling party of dreamlike landscapes, architecture, art and cuisine.

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          • 26.09.2020
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