• Daniel Gahleitner Leitung Geschftsbetrieb

    Daniel Gahleitner


    I am responsible for the entire management of the company. With new ideas and creativity we want to provide new impulses and positive development. I like to spend my free time with family and friends.

    Favorite trip: Salento

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  • Georg Seelos Produktmanagement

    Georg Seelos

    Product Management &Customer Service

    I started working for Rotalis approximately 20 years ago as a guide. Since my first trip I was fascinated by the combination between cycling and discovering fantastic landscapes, great culture and enjoying local dishes. I am responsible for the trips in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland.

    Favourite tour: Piedmont

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  • Sabine Seil

    CustomerService & Reservation

    Since June 2017 Im taking care about our guests travel wishes. My main taskes are reservation, booking process and the dispatch of the travel documents.

    Favourite tour: Basque Country

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  • Michaela Schwarz Kundenberatung Reservierung

    Michaela Schwarz

    CustomerService & Reservation

    Since October 2014 Im taking care about our guests travel wishes. My main taskes are reservation, booking process and the dispatch of the travel documents. I mostly enjoy the personal contact to our customers and the varied activities. In my spare time I prefer spending time with friends and travelling the big wide world.

    Favourite tour: Porto - Santiage de Compostela

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  • Jane Gruber

    Product Manager & Bookings

    I am supporting my colleagues since January 2020. Thanks to Rotalis, I discovered a new way of traveling for myself. During my first Rotalis trip, I realized that I really enjoyed this type of vacation. I have noticed that after a day of cycling I perceive dinner very differently than usual. I also find it exciting that you can experience the country, their people and their culture much closer by bike.

    In my leisure time I love to travel, do sports and indulge family and friends with culinary delights.

    favorite trip: Emilia Romagna

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  • Melanie Havel

    Laura Unterholzer

    Accounts department

    Since 2015 I support my collegues, especially to control the payments.

    Spending time with my family is the most favourite activity I enjoy in my spare time.

    Favourite tour: Alto Adige - Trentino

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  • Dominik Braunseis Buchhaltung

    Dominik Braunseis

    Accounts departement

    Cycling tours fascinate me over and over again. Therefore, it is a special pleasure for me to be part of the Rotalis team.

    Favourite tour: Dublin and Western Ireland

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