The Rotalis bicycle A loyal companion

Decade-long experience, technical Know-How, a sympathetic ear for our guest’s requests and exact route knowledge on our guided bicycle tours enable us to design a bicycle, which specifically meets the requirements of our guests. In 2017, we went back to work and in the 2018 season, our guests were able to enjoy a wonderful cycling journey on the new and improved Rotalis touring bike for the first time. The positive feedback provided by our guests shows that we had made the right decision.

For the frame, we decided on an agile low step-through model, which is distinguished by its excellent rigidity value and has become quite a feast for the eyes with its modern design and diverse colouring. Three different frame sizes enable each guest to find their optimal bicycle. Pre-booking is not necessary, as various different sizes are available during each journey. The modern aluminium frame also makes the bicycle three kilograms lighter than its predecessor. We will also continue to provide you with our double-sided saddle bags.

A special highlight is the step-less NuVinci-gearshift. Step-less means that the bicycle basically has an endless number of gears. Every slight movement of the intuitive rotary handle allows for the fine adjustment of the required gear. The entire span can be compared to a bicycle with 18 gears. With the NuVinci 380-gearshift, the new bicycle has - as is the norm at Rotalis – the manufacturer’s premium model, which is distinguished by its excellent efficiency. With our new gearshift, you will always be cycling in the right gear and without interruption of pedal movement. No more crackling to disturb one’s cycling enjoyment!

Your comfort during travelling is our central focus: The bicycle, which is individually adjustable in height, can be ideally suited to your requirements. Seated in a more upright position, one can enjoy the beautiful landscape even more. The ergonomic handles allow for relaxed cycling. The tyres which are fail-safe and the two brakes perfectly coordinated with the aluminium rims make every route an easily manageable one.

The new Rotalis bicycle is suitable for roads as well as hidden field paths in open nature, therefore allowing for an enjoyable cycling holiday.

Travelling with one’s own bicycle

If you would like to bring your own bicycle (conventional bike/Pedelec), then please take note of the following specifications: Max. 28 inch tyre diameter, tyre width max. 4cm, wheelbase max. 117 cm. If your bicycle happens to exceed these measurements, then transport with the Rotalis team cannot be guaranteed and if necessary be denied on-site by the travel guide. It is not always possible to avoid damages during loading and unloading as well as during transport with the bicycles on the trailer. Meticulous attention is always given to the safety of the bicycles. Theft however cannot be excluded. Rotalis cannot assume any liability for not wilfully inflicted damage or in the case of theft. Those travelling with their own bicycles have no right to claim any discount of the travel price. In the case of a break-down, your travel guide will be happy to assist where possible. Rotalis travel guides are not responsible for the charging of the batteries of your own Pedelec.

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