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    • France

      For many years guided bike trips in France are a firm component of Rotalis. Culture, cuisine, an amazing nature and the savoir-vivre, the particular way of life of the French, make it an unforgettable country, perfect for a bike vacation on high-comfort.

        • France
        • bike trips
        • Alsace Rally 2024

          Alsace, the small region between the Vosges mountains and the Rhine, delights visitors year after year with its picturesque half-timbered houses, fine wines and delicious French cuisine.

          Visit this picturesque corner of the world with European charm with us and experience culture, nature and culinary delights. It is particularly pleasant that we spend the entire trip in the Hotel Le Rapp**** on the edge of the old town.

        • France
        • electric bicycle tour
        • Périgord and Quercy 2024

          Travelling to pre-historic sites between Lot, Dordogne and Vézère, to places of pilgrimage and masterpieces of Romanesque art, to Confit and Foie Gras – a journey to the cradle of kitchen art in Quercy and Périgord.

          • Mehr Individualität und Freiraum durch weniger Hotelwechsel.
          • electric bicycle tour
        • France
        • electric bicycle tour
        • Corsica 2024

          From the turquoise blue sea into the high mountains, past palms and chestnuts. Cycling through breath-taking and untouched landscapes, encounters with relaxed Corsicans, excellent traditional cuisine. Lively cities and villages, spectacular train rides and relaxation on the island of beauty. One of the most spectacular journeys by Pedelec awaits you.

          • Mehr Individualität und Freiraum durch weniger Hotelwechsel.
          • electric bicycle tour
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