The new Rotalis E-bike pleasant and relaxed cycling

Development in the E-bike industry is progressing rapidly and Rotalis is on the pulse of the times. Together with our longstanding partner Victoria, we provide our guests from the year 2020 with a new and modern Pedelec.

For the motor, we rely on the market leader from Germany. The smooth running Bosch Active Line Plus-mid-mounted engine stands out with regards to performance and riding experience and offers sufficient range with an efficient charger. The Intuvia display by Bosch can be operated easily and provides for an optimal level of assistance. A further highlight is the proven stepless Enviolo/Nuvinci-Gearshift. By using the known intuitive rotary handle, one is always able to cycle in the right gear. The well-cushioned bike allows for comfortable riding, even when the terrain is somewhat bumpy at times. With the new Rotalis Pedelec, you can experience assisted bicycle riding at its highest level!

Our Pedelec is a motor-assisted pedal cycle, which especially makes riding easier in hilly terrain. However, one will still have to pedal. The motor will only provide its assistance if you contribute towards it. This way you will also have to do your part and can arrive at dinner with a clear conscience. It is a bicycle in the legal sense despite motor support, so there is no licence- or helmet obligation. We do however by all means urgently recommend on wearing a helmet during all journeys regardless of the type of bicycle.


Whether with or without a motor, cycling can be enjoyed by all, especially in a group! With the exception of exclusive Pedelec journeys, Rotalis cycling friends can discover the travel region together, with and without motor assistance, and can show consideration for one another. Our travel guides will specify the speed tempo suitable for everyone. Our journey schedule is coordinated with the usage of conventional bicycles.


We offer Pedelecs for all destinations within Europe. Please do take note however, that there are only a limited number of these available, due to logistic reasons. Therefore it is important to contact us at an early stage if you require additional support during your journey. We do not offer the rental of additional Pedelecs in the respective regions of travel.

The new Rotalis Pedelec

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