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Excellent service is of extreme importance during Rotalis Reisen tours. Once our office in Schrding has provided their assistance to our guests with the booking including various information, it is then of course my job as a travel guide to continue with this high quality of service in the respected travel region. It is naturally my wish that our guests return home at the end of their journey with many happy memories of their holiday. When I am on the road with a Rotalis group, I have two tasks: either as an accompanying driver or as a travel guide, there are two travel guides on every Rotalis tour. I enjoy both of these tasks.

As an accompanying driver, I am what they might call the “good spirit” of the group. For me this means always being there for when my guests might need me. I fill up water bottles, surprise the brave cyclists with a small snack along the way, and prepare our picnic. The journey is much more enjoyable after renewing one’s strength, and the delicacies of each region are worth tasting! If a guest no longer wishes to cycle, then he/she can join me in the Rotalis bus. And when the guests arrive at their hotel, I have already brought their luggage up to their room for them. After a pleasant day of cycling, there is no need for my guests to see to this, as this is my job.

After a week in the support vehicle, I do however enjoy being a travel guide again. My colleagues and I take turns, also making it possible for me to ride a bicycle and spend the day with my guests. I cycle with the group, make sure that the correct junctions on the route are found, see to it that the schedules are adhered to, and conduct tours to cultural highlights. And I always have a small anecdote prepared about the country and its people. If the weather conditions should turn bad, then I try my best to lift everyone’s spirits and if a problem should occur with a bicycle, then I will also try to repair it. I am therefore always there for my guests, to be the first person that they can come to with any kind of problem and along with my colleagues, I see to it that our guests can focus on the central points of their holiday: relaxation and enjoyment. We never give less than 100%, as we are dedicated in making each journey an unforgettable experience. We are thanked by the smiles on our guest’s faces.

Stefano Fraternali, Rotalis travel guide

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