• Ireland
    • Ireland

      Gentle hills, majestic cliffs, mountains, swamps, lakes and beaches. Ireland is a landscape dream. During the day you enjoy the untouched nature and when you drink a Guinness in a pub in the evening, and feel the rhythm of the music and start a conversation with the loquacious people, you will soon forget the stressful everyday life. Experience guided bike trips in a country full of fairytales and pleasure.

        • Ireland
        • electric bicycle tour
        • Dublin and western Ireland 2024

          Travelling through the karst landscape of the Burren, to Atlantic cliffs, on the Arans and in the expanses of the Connemara. Witnesses of the Megalith culture, medieval high crosses and Currags. A cycling trip of oneís dreams in the wild west of Ireland.

          • Mehr Individualitšt und Freiraum durch weniger Hotelwechsel.
          • electric bicycle tour
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