The Rotalis restaurants an indulging experience for all

Meals during a Rotalis journey are always a special treat. One is pampered with local cuisine in every region, which is prepared with great care and devotion.

I am always impressed by southern Brittany. I have the fondest memories of the restaurant La Cigale in Nantes. This restaurant, which was designed by the architect mile Libaudire is lushly adorned with ceramic tiles and has been pampering its guests since 1895 with exquisite food. Here one is taken into another world and there is hardly a guest who leaves this restaurant without numerous photos of the impressive art nouveau interior.

I also have fond memories of the Nonna Vittoria in Carloforte, and after asking for the recipe for the mussels served during dinner, I was taken into the kitchen where an extra portion was prepared before my very eyes. Since then I always enjoy preparing mussels according to this old family recipe.

I will also always remember Franco, the former Maresciallo of the small Apulian town of Bitonto. At first I was somewhat reluctant when he simply pulled out a small cuttlefish from the fishmonger’s selection at the weekly market. This freshly caught cuttlefish, however, only sprinkled with a touch of lemon, turned out to be absolutely delicious. I was also happy to enjoy more fresh fish during dinner.

I was especially taken by surprise in Ireland, which is not particularly known for good cuisine. I was sorely mistaken. The refined ingredients for each dish, combined with superb cuisine and love for detail, make Ireland one of my favourite culinary destinations in the Rotalis catalogue.

And not to forget the fine wines during each journey. It is always a pleasure to taste the numerous products of talented wine-makers, which are offered in the restaurants in a wide selection. It is good to know that the Rotalis restaurants rely primarily on local wine-growers. This connection between local cuisine and the local beverages enables for an even more apt experience.

Each journey is also a special culinary adventure. And there is hardly any better place to learn more about each country and its people than at the dining table.

Dieter Themel,
tour guide

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